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Graduate Fellowship and Funding Information

The Department encourages all graduate students to look for outside fellowship opportunities, as well as external research support. It never hurts to have a fellowship or research grant on your CV, it makes the Department’s own funding go further, and some fellowships include benefits that the Department can’t provide, such as summer or research support.

The sidebar will take you to lists of fellowship and grant programs and web sites that might be particularly useful to graduate students in linguistics.  Many of the opportunities listed are designed for beginning and dissertation-year graduate students, but there are opportunities open to students at every stage of graduate study. Unfortunately, many of the Stanford-external opportunities are only open to US citizens and permanent residents. Check the fellowship descriptions for specific eligibility requirements.

Keep in mind that many fellowship programs have application closing dates in the fall and almost all of them have deadlines by mid-January.  Most of them also only accept applications once or twice a year.  For this reason, do check out these web pages regularly to identify new and future opportunities, so you can be ready to apply at the appropriate time.

If you discover any particularly useful web sites as you browse, do let the Department know, so we can improve our lists of opportunities.