Computational Linguistics

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The computational linguistics program at Stanford is one of the oldest in the country, and offers a wide range of courses and research opportunities.


We take a very broad view of computational linguistics, from theoretical investigations to practical natural language processing applications, ranging across linguistic areas like computational semantics and pragmatics, discourse and dialogue, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, syntax and morphology, phonology, psycholinguistics, and phonetics and speech, and applications including machine translation, question answering, and sentiment analysis.

Uniting this wide variety of research is the shared ambitious goal of dealing with the complexity and the uncertainty of human language by integrating rich models of linguistic structure with sophisticated modern neural and statistical techniques.


Together with the Computer Science Department, our department houses a wide variety of research labs, reading groups, and informal workshops on computational linguistics, and we also maintain close ties with industrial natural language processing work in Silicon Valley.  For more information, see the Stanford Natural Language Processing Group and the CSLI Pragmatics Lab.

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