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Phonetics and Phonology

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The Stanford Department of Linguistics has a strong focus on phonetics and phonology, with a special emphasis on variation. 


Our research integrates phonetic and phonological theory with other aspects of language structure (syntax, morphology) and language use (sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, pragmatics) and pursues its implications for closely related fields (metrics, historical linguistics, language change). 

Our work is theoretically driven and empirically rich.  A variety of behavioral and computational methods are employed to understand, through the investigation of sound patterns across languages, the processes and representations that underlie language and cognition.


Members of the phonetics and phonology community gather weekly at an informal Phonetics and Phonology Workshop (‘P-interest’) featuring presentations of ongoing research by those at Stanford as well as by visitors, especially from nearby universities.  We focus on issues related to descriptive, theoretical, experimental, and computational research in phonetics and phonology.More informally, we meet once a month for a P-int night. 

Please see the Upcoming Events list in the box below for details of upcoming meetings.  For the foreseeable future, any meetings will be held online.

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