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Projects by Alumni

Projects by alumni are listed below by year initiated.  To see your project included, please write Kate Lindsey.

Researcher(s) Language Region Focus Funding Year(s)
Lev Blumenfeld Nauruan Central Pacific Phonology and morphology SSHRC Insight Development Grant (Canada) 2014-present
Robert Munro Matses Estiron and Angamos, The Amazon  Reported discourse and evidentiality Stanford Graduate Fellowship 2008-2009
Scott Grimm Dagaare Ghana, West Africa Number marking Stanford Center of African Studies and NSF 2008
Lauren Hall-Lew English San Francisco, CA Ethnicity and dialectology   2007-2008
Rebecca Dayle Greene English Eastern Kentucky

Sociophonetics and ideologies of Appalachian English

Stanford Graduate Research Opportunity Grant 2007
Lauren Hall-Lew and Nola Stephens English Rural Texas and Oklahoma Language attitudes, linguistic identity, and the enregisterment of Country Talk Stanford School of Humanities & Sciences 2007
Matthew Adams Yucatec Maya Quintana Roo, Mexico Verbal voice through tone   2007
Jason Grafmiller Yucatec Maya Quintana Roo, Mexico Grammatical features of Maya   2007
Rebecca Starr Mandarin, English West Coast, North America Acquisition of sociolinguistic knowledge in dual immersion programs   2006-2007
Alex Jaker Weledeh Dogrib North-West Territories, Canada Phonetics phonology and morphology Goyatiko Language Center, NSF Arctic Social Sciences Program, Stanford GRO 2005-2009
Lauren Hall-Lew Twi, Fante Southern Ghana, Africa Phonology and dialectology Stanford Graduate Fellowship 2005
Andrew Koontz-Garboden Ulwa Karawala, Nicaragua Adjective and verb semantics Fulbright-Hays Scholarship and Stanford graduate research funding 2004-2006
Lauren Hall-Lew English Arizona Dialectology The Flinn Foundation, Stanford Dept of Linguistics 2004
Rebecca Dayle Greene Japanese Hirosaki, Osaka and Tokyo, Japan Changing  language attitudes Stanford Japanese and Linguistics departmental funding 2004
Elisabeth Norcliffe Tzotzil (Mayan) Chiapas, Mexico Anaphoric relations NSF funding and Stanford Department of Linguistics funding 2004
Andrew Koontz-Garboden Tongan East Palo Alto, CA Adjective and verb semantics   2003-2004
Mary Rose English Wisconsin Social meaning of local sociophonetic variables Graduate research award 2003
Tatiana Nikitina Wan (Mande, Niger-Congo) Cote-d'Ivoire, West Africa Wan syntax   2003
Judith Tonhauser Yucatec Maya Quintana Roo, Mexico Information-structural properties of the agent focus verb form Stanford Center for Latin American Studies 2001-2003
Sarah Bunin Benor Orthodox Jewish English Philadelphia Language socialization, adult style acquisition Foundation for Jewish Culture 2001-2002
Martina Faller Cuzco Quechua Cusco, Peru Evidentials Tinker Field Research Grant; Graduate Research Opportunity Grant, Dissertation Grant, NSF 1998-2001
Ida Toivonen Inari Saami Lapland, Finland General language description, numeral system, sound quantity, agreement morphology   1997-2001
Sarah Bunin Benor Ladino Israel Lexical othering (words used to refer to non-group members) Dorot Fellowship 1997-1998


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