QP Fest

Fri April 23rd 2021, 1:00 - 4:15pm

Please join us to hear presentations of recently completed qualifying papers!

1-1:35pm - Anissa Zaitsu, High negation and ellipsis in English No-answers

1:35-2:10pm - Will Clapp, Implications of generalization in perceptual learning for phonological representations

    [5 minute break]

2:15-2:50pm - Lily Clifford, Accuracy disparities in raw-audio voice gender classification using deep neural networks

2:50-3:25pm - Nay San, Leveraging neural representations for facilitating access to untranscribed speech from endangered languages

    [5 minute break]

3:30-4:05pm - Jiayi Lu, Satiation as Rapid Syntactic Adaptation