Linguistics Colloquium

Dependency Completion in Sentence Processing: Some Recent Computational and Empirical investigations

Shravan Vasishth
University of Potsdam
Tue April 20th 2021, 12:00 - 1:20pm
Online (Zoom)

Please email for Zoom link.

Dependency completion processes in sentence processing have been intensively studied in psycholinguistics (e.g., Gibson 2000). I will discuss some recent work (e.g., Yadav et al. 2021) on computational models of dependency completion as they relate to a class of effects, so-called interference effects (Jäger et al. 2017). Using antecedent-reflexive and subject-verb number dependencies as a case study (Jäger et al. 2020), I will discuss the evidence base for some of the competing theoretical claims relating to these phenomena.  A common thread running through the talk will be that the well-known replication and statistical crisis in psychology and other areas (Nosek et al. 2015, Gelman and Carlin 2014) is also unfolding in psycholinguistics and needs to be taken seriously (Vasishth et al. 2018).


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