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Linguistics undergrads

A minor in Linguistics provides a solid background for work in any field in which communication is important.

It is particularly valuable for students interested in such disciplines as anthropology, communication, computer science, education (language, literacy, and culture), hearing and speech sciences, languages, law, philosophy, psychology, or in teaching English as a second language.


In order to complete the minor, you must complete at least 28 units of coursework (typically seven courses) in Linguistics and related fields, approved in advance by the undergraduate studies adviser.  No more than two courses, neither of which is among the required courses, may be taken on a credit/no credit basis (CR/NC).  The courses counting towards the minor must be units beyond those needed to satisfy your major course of study.

Your plan should include:

  • Linguistics 1

  • One course each from two of the three areas below:

    • Phonetics and Phonology:  105, 110

    • Syntax:  120, 121A, 121B

    • Semantics and Pragmatics:  130A, 130B

  • Either 150 or 160 or, in advance consultation with the Linguistics undergraduate studies adviser, a course in historical linguistics or the history of a language

  • At least four other courses determined in advance consultation with the Linguistics undergraduate studies adviser.  Students are encouraged to take at least one 200-level Linguistics course.  Students may also choose to do independent work with a faculty member of their choice.

How to Declare a Minor

1. Complete the Minor Course Planning Guide for the Minor in Linguistics, and have it signed by the Undergraduate Studies Advisor. 

2. Complete the Major-Minor and Multiple Major Course Approval Form, which must be approved by both the major department and the UG Student Services Officer (Lisa Woodcock).

3. Submit the completed Minor Course Planning Guide to the UG Student Services Officer (Lisa Woodcock) and arrange to have your picture taken for the Linguistics bulletin board.