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Ph.D. Minor

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Our Ph.D. Minor allows Ph.D. students in other Stanford departments to develop a solid grounding in linguistics that can complement and enhance their studies and research in their home department.

Coursework Requirements

Students must complete 30 units of coursework in Linguistics. The University requires that at least 20 of these units be at the 200 level or above; the remaining 10 units must be at the 100 level or above. The coursework for the minor must include one introductory course in each of sound structure, syntax, and semantics/pragmatics; this requirement is typically fulfilled by LINGUIST 105 Phonetics or LINGUIST 110 Introduction to Phonology, LINGUIST 121A The Syntax of English or LINGUIST 121B Crosslinguistic Syntax, LINGUIST 130A Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics or LINGUIST 130B Introduction to Lexical Semantics or by 200-level introductory courses in the same areas. Students are strongly urged to take the introductory courses before taking more advanced courses in Linguistics. Individual programs should be worked out in advance with the student’s Ph.D. minor advisor in Linguistics.

Courses submitted for the minor must be incremental units beyond those used to satisfy the major. The majority of the courses taken towards the 30 units of coursework must be taken for a letter grade; these should include the three required introductory courses, which should all be completed with at least a 'B'.  The overall coursework grade point average (GPA) must be at least 3.0 (B).

Research Project (Optional)

The student may elect to present a paper which integrates the subject matter of linguistics into the field of specialization of the candidate.

Oral Examination

The Linguistics advisor or designee serves on the student’s University oral examination committee and may request that up to one-third of the examination be devoted to the minor subject.

How to Apply

Students are encouraged to apply for the minor as early as possible in their graduate career.  Prospective minors should discuss their program of study with their proposed Linguistics advisor.  The proposed program of study, which is presented on the University's Application for Ph.D. Minor form, will be reviewed by the Graduate Studies Advisor before the Department Chair signs off on the request.  The approved request is then submitted to the Registrar’s Office.