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How do I get access to the Linguistics Lab?

Door plaque to Linguistics Lab

The Linguistics Lab is located in rooms 363 and 365 of Jordan Hall (Building 420).  It is open to any affiliates of the Stanford Department of Linguistics conducting research in any field of linguistics.

Lab location

The full address of the linguistics lab is 450 Serra Mall, Building 420 (Jordan Hall), Room 363/365. 

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General lab access

All affiliates of the Stanford Department of Linguistics can access the lab during the following hours:  Monday to Friday: 10am-3pm.  The lab manager will be present in the lab during these times to help you with using the lab.

Lab access for extended research

If you need to use the lab outside of the hours mentioned above or need regular access to the lab to conduct your research, please consult the lab TA or the lab manager.