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CUSP 8 Program

CUSP 8 speakers

California Universities Semantics and Pragmatics Workshop 8

November 6-7, 2015, STANFORD UNIVERSITY

Conference location

CSLI (210 Panama St, Stanford, CA, 94305-4101), Cordura Hall, Room 100.

Conference program

Friday, November 6

1:30pm Welcome


SESSION 1 (Chair: Tania Rojas-Esponda)

1:40pm Kelsey Kraus (UCSC): German "doch" is an anaphoric mirative

2:10pm Phil Crone (Stanford): Mnemonic imperatives, awareness, and maximize presupposition

2:40pm Mythili Menon (USC): “Than” encodes comparative semantics


3:10-3:30pm BREAK


SESSION 2 (Chair: Adrian Brasoveanu)

3:30pm Ciyang Qing (Stanford): Up to n: pragmatic inference about an unspecified starting point

4:00pm Deniz Rudin (UCSC): Scalar and non-scalar implicatures of "might" and "some"

4:30pm Masoud Jasbi (Stanford): Anti-singleton indefinites in Persian


5:00-5:20pm BREAK


SESSION 3 (Chair: Ivano Caponigro)

5:20pm Tom Roberts (UCSC): Thinking about thinking in Estonian

5:50pm Lelia Glass (Stanford): The curious case of the negatively biased Mandarin belief verb "yiwei"


6:20-8:00pm DINNER (provided on-site)


Saturday, November 7

8:30-9:00am LIGHT BREAKFAST (provided on-site)


SESSION 4 (Chair: James Collins)

9:00am Sam Bowman, Gabor Angeli, Christopher Potts, and Christopher Manning (Stanford): A large annotated corpus of entailments and contradictions

9:30am Ying Liu (UCDavis): Rethinking collocation: Directional association measure and its potential role in semantic similarity computation

10:00am Katie Sardinha (Berkeley): Revisiting "-lh" and controllability in Kwak'wala


10:30-10:50am BREAK


SESSION 5 (Chair: Cleo Condoravdi)

10:50am Sven Lauer (Konstanz): Temporal interpretation and the performative use of modals

11:20am Hitomi Hirayama (UCSC): Japanese contrastive "wa" and ignorance inferences

11:50am Prerna Nadathur and Daniel Lassiter (Stanford): Exceptive phrases and the negative condition


12:20-1:15pm LUNCH (provided on-site)


SESSION 6 (Chair: Rebekah Baglini)

1:15pm Christine Sheil (Berkeley): Information focus and identificational focus

1:45pm Jos Tellings (UCLA): Maximizability, intensifiers, and part-structure modifiers

2:15pm Karl DeVries, Karen Duek, Kelsey Kraus, Deniz Rudin, and Adrian Brasoveanu (UCSC): The semantics of corrections


2:45pm Closing remarks

Note: CUSP 9 will be held at University of California, Santa Cruz, in Autumn 2016.

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