Phonetics and Phonology

January 29th, 2013


  • Arto Anttila: phonology, morphology, language variation
  • Vera Gribanova: allomorphy, morphosyntactically triggered phonological processes, Russian (Slavic) morphophonology, syntax-phonology interface
  • Paul Kiparsky
  • Rob Podesva: phonetic variation (in consonants, vowels, voice quality, and rhythm) in English and Korean, mergers and vowel shifts, geminates and gemination, phonetics and phonology of the languages of Indonesia
  • Meghan Sumner


  • Matthew Adams: prosody and constituent ordering, Germanic and Celtic metrics, theories of constraint-based grammar
  • Sam Bowman: theories of constraint-based grammar, vowel harmony, Finno-Ugric languages, computational modeling
  • Jeremy Calder: metrics, text-setting, rhythm, suprasegmentals, sociophonetics
  • Seung Kyung Kim: speech perception, acoustic phonetics, sociophonetics
  • Ed King: speech perception, sociophonetics
  • Stephanie Shih: suprasegmentals (rhythm, syllables, weight, tone); phonology-morphology-syntax interface; poetic and musical forms; quantitative and corpus methods

Research interests:

  • Phonetics
  • Phonological variation
  • Computational phonology and morphology
  • Information-theoretic phonology
  • Metrics and poetic form
  • Prosody
  • Morphology
  • Speech perception
  • Phonology-syntax interface
  • Sociophonetics
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