The Department of Linguistics is pleased to be hosting seven undergraduate interns this summer, sponsored by the VPUE.  They will be working full-time on projects with Stanford researchers.

  • Manh Dao will be working with Judith Degen and Stefan Pophristic on a project titled “Cross-linguistic production of referring expressions.”
  • Xavier Straughn-Turner and Paolo Tayag will be working with Yoshiko Matsumoto on a project titled “Sharing conversations through intergenerational haiku-making activity.”
  • Artem Arzyn, Holly Baron, and Madigan Brodsky will be working with Todd Davies and Cleo Condoravdi on a project titled “Meaning and effects of word capitalization.”
  • Mary Markley will be working with Michael Frank and Kat Shannon on a project titled “Children's learning from reliable and unreliable teachers”