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Stanford linguists at XPRAG

Stanford linguists at XPRAG

Jun 7 2019

Several Stanford linguists are presenting research at the New Pragmatic Theories based on Experimental Evidence (XPRAG) Conference taking place at the University of Edinburg from June 19-21. 

  • Judith Degen is giving two keynote talks: "The Rational Speech Act framework: an integrative theory of the interaction between literal meaning, world knowledge, and context" at XPRAG and "Harnessing the richness of the linguistic signal in predicting pragmatic inferences" at the pre-XPrag Workshop "Interaction and the Evolution of Linguistic Complexity" (IELC).
  • interActive Language Processing Lab at Stanford (ALPS) lab manager Leyla Kursat is giving a talk titled "Linear order: a minimal syntactic tool expressing the modifier and the modified" at IELC.
  • Sebastian Schuster and alumna Judith Tonhauser (Ph.D. '06) are both giving joint talks with Judith Degen at XPRAG ("Speaker-specific adaptation to variable use of uncertainty expressions" and "Higher-probability content is more projective than lower-probability content," respectively).

Of note, Daniel Lassiter is highlighted as a short-term collaboration partner in the XPRAG conference website.