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Nov 6 2015
Next Wednesday, Dan Jurafsky will speak about the language of food at the "Talks at Google" series.
Oct 30 2015
After a worldwide tour, Dan Jurafsky is bringing it home next week. He'll be talking at Books Inc Palo Alto on Thursday, November 5 at 7PM. If you haven't gotten to hear Dan talk about The Language of Food yet, this is your chance!  
Oct 29 2015
Cleo Condoravdi is giving a colloquium talk at USC Philosophy department today: "From conditional to unconditional oughts: detachment with hypothetical imperatives."
Oct 29 2015
Please join us in congratulating Katherine Hilton, who won the Best Student Paper award at NWAV 44 for her paper "Nonstandard agreement in Standard English: The social perception of agreement variation under existential there."
Oct 29 2015
Isla Flores-Bayer will be teaching a short class on African American Vernacular English (AAVE) from November 7-8 during Stanford's autumn Splash program, which invites hundreds of high schools students from the Bay Area to campus for classes taught by the Stanford community on topics of their own...