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Sep 18 2015
Last week Dan Lassiter taught a 3-day course on "Studying meaning through web-based experiments" at the meeting of the Spanish Excellence Network "Meaning and Grammar" at the University of the Basque Country.
Sep 17 2015
Phil Crone presented the poster "Asserting Clarity and Manipulating Awareness" last week during the 20th Sinn und Bedeutung conference at University of Tübingen.
Jun 12 2015
At Experimental Pragmatics 2015 in Chicago in June,
Jun 12 2015
Stanley Peters gave a talk on "Model Theory and the Semantics of Natural Languages" on May 15 at the University of Cambridge, and on June 1 at the University of Edinburgh.
Jun 12 2015
The 8th edition of the California Universities Semantics and Pragmatics Workshop (CUSP) will be held at CSLI on November 6-7. Save the date!