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Jan 10 2020
As always, we started the year strong with representation at the annual Linguistic Society of America (LSA) meeting. This year's LSA meeting took place last week in New Orleans from January 2-5. We had plenty of presentations, including:
Dec 13 2019
Congratulations to Sebastian Schuster, who was recently awarded a Graduate Research Opportunity grant through the School of Humanities and Sciences to support his dissertation research!  
Dec 13 2019
Dan Lassiter has a couple of talks lined up this week: "Trivalent semantics for indicative conditionals: Motivations and challenges" at the Département d'études  cognitives, École normale supérieure in Paris on December 12
Dec 6 2019
Dan Lassiter has begun presenting a series of four lectures in the LabEX "Empirical Foundations of Linguistics" at the the Université de Paris VII (formally, as a "Chaire Internationale"). His lecture series focuses on the role of probabilistic generative models, especially causal models, in...
Nov 15 2019
Ohio State University will be joined by a couple of our Stanford linguists, Cleo Condoravdi and Paul Kiparsky, at their Formal Diachronic Semantics conference from November 15-16. Cleo is an invited speaker, presenting "The rise of possessive modality" while Paul is presenting "The renewal of...