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Nov 15 2019
Ohio State University will be joined by a couple of our Stanford linguists, Cleo Condoravdi and Paul Kiparsky, at their Formal Diachronic Semantics conference from November 15-16. Cleo is an invited speaker, presenting "The rise of possessive modality" while Paul is presenting "The renewal of...
Nov 1 2019
Judith Degen gave a talk yesterday as part of the Cornell Linguistics Circle titled "Harnessing the richness of the linguistic signal to predict pragmatic inferences."
Nov 1 2019
In collaboration with our UC Santa Cruz colleagues, Stanford linguists organized a Negation, Concord, and Ellipsis workshop, taking place this weekend on November 2. A few of us will be presenting at this event as well, including:
Oct 25 2019
Hopefully Massachusetts treats our linguists well with a nice fall breeze! A handful of Stanford linguists are presenting at the North East Linguistic Society's Annual Meeting (NELS 50) this weekend from October 25-27, taking place at MIT:
Oct 18 2019
Last week on October 11, Chris Manning presented "Multi-step reasoning for answering complex questions" as part of Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technologies Institute Colloquium.