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Nov 22 2019
The 2019 Western Conference on Linguistics (WECOL) took place in Fresno, CA,  November 15-17. The Stanford-related research included:
Nov 8 2019
Rob Podesva was one of the keynote speakers at the Language Variation and Change in Diaspora Communities workshop taking place at the University of Bern, Switzerland, from November 6-8. Rob's keynote is titled, "Shifting social meanings in the Southern diaspora: The emergence of a 'country' style...
Oct 25 2019
Hopefully Massachusetts treats our linguists well with a nice fall breeze! A handful of Stanford linguists are presenting at the North East Linguistic Society's Annual Meeting (NELS 50) this weekend from October 25-27, taking place at MIT:
Oct 18 2019
Paul Kiparsky recently authored an article titled "The Grammar of the Elements" with colleague Abhik Ghosh on American Scientist. This fun and informative read that integrates linguistics and chemistry discusses scientists Panini, Böhtlingk, and Mendeleev. We highly recommend you add it to your...
Oct 18 2019
The Linguistics Department at Stony Brook University hosted the 7th Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP) on October 11-13, 2019. Alumna Stephanie Shih (Ph.D. '14, currently at USC) was an invited speaker for the event, presenting her talk entitled "The contribution of sound symbolism to phonological...