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Jan 25 2020
The Sesquip wants to give a quick reminder about the upcoming Berkeley Linguistics Society Workshop: "Phonological Representations: At the Crossroad Between Gradience and Categoricity" happening next week from February 7 to 8! A link to the program agenda can be found here.
Jan 24 2020
Today, January 24, Vera Gribanova is presenting, "On the licensing of Russian polarity-sensitive fragment answers," at the Workshop in honor of the defense of Anastasiia Ionova at the Universiteit Leiden in the Netherlands. 
Jan 17 2020
Congratulations to Anissa Zaitsu for her recent publication in Glossa, "Modality force and syntax in an understudied class of reduced why-questions in English," which was based on her MA thesis at UCSC out of the work she had done with the Santa Cruz Ellipsis Group!
Jan 17 2020
Congratulations to John R. Rickford and Sharese King (Ph.D. '18) for this cool statistic: The most downloaded article from Language in November was "Language and linguistics on trial: Hearing Rachel Jeantel (and other vernacular speakers) in the courtroom and beyond."  Their paper was downloaded a...
Jan 10 2020
A big warm congratulations to Rebecca Starr (Ph.D. '12) who has been officially approved for tenure at the National University of Singapore! Rebecca is now an associate professor!