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Penny Eckert celebrated at NWAV

Panelists who honored Penny at the recent NWAV conference in Madison.

Dec 1 2017

This past NWAV 46 included a panel on Social Meaning and Linguistic Variation, in honor of our very own Penny Eckert. The panel was moderated by Lauren Hall-Lew (Ph.D. '09), Emma Moore, and Rob Podesva (Ph.D. '06). The participants included Devyani Sharma (Ph.D. '03), Kathryn Campbell-Kibler (Ph.D. '05), Annette D'Onofrio (Ph.D. '16), Eric Acton (Ph.D. '14), Laura Staum Casasanto (Ph.D. '09), Qing Zhang (Ph.D. '01), and of course, Penny Eckert herself!

At the end of the panel, Penny was presented with a draft of the forthcoming volume honoring her. "Meaning and Linguistic Variation," to be published with Cambridge University Press, was edited by Lauren Hall-Lew, Emma Moore, and Rob Podesva.