Look Who's Talking: Stanford Linguists at CogSci 2022

​​​​​​Stanford linguists presented their research at the 44rd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci 2022) held in Toronto on July 27-30, 2022.

Presentations included:

  • Kursat, Leyla; Waldon, Brandon;  Degen, Judith: Evaluating models of referring expression production on an emerging sign language
  • Degen, Judith;  Pophristic, Stefan: The role of production expectations in visual world paradigm linking hypotheses
  • Lu, Jiayi; Wright, Nicholas; Degen, Judith: Satiation effects generalize across island types
  • Hernandez, Alexia; Sumner, Meghan: Semantic priming across speakers and listeners of Latino varieties of English
  • Papineau, Brandon; Podesva, Rob; Degen, Judith: 'Sally the Congressperson’: The role of individual ideology on the processing and production of English gender-neutral role nouns
  • Fang, Fei; Sinha, Kunal; Goodman, Noah; Potts, ChristopherKreiss, Elisa: Color overmodification emerges from data-driven learning and pragmatic reasoning
  • Rathi, Neil (now a Stanford freshman and prospective major); Hahn, Michael (Ph.D. '22), Richard Futrell (M.A. '12): Explaining patterns of fusion in morphological paradigms using the memory-surprisal tradeoff 

Congratulations to Neil who received the Society's 2022 Sayan Gul Award for his paper!

Additionally, alum Emily Bender (Ph.D. '01) was a plenary speaker with her presentation, "Resisting Dehumanizing in the Age of AI." 

Alum Marisa Casillas (Ph.D. '13) was a participant in the panel Cognition Across Diverse Populations.

For the talk contents see the Proceedings: https://escholarship.org/uc/cognitivesciencesociet