Look Who’s Talking: Stanford Linguists at ACL

Several Stanford linguists will present papers at the 60th Association for Computational Linguistics conference (ACL 2022), which will be held in hybrid format from May 22 to 27, 2022.  Presentations include:


  • Kaitlyn Zhou, Kawin Ethayarajh, Dallas Card, and Dan Jurafsky: “Problems with Cosine as a Measure of Embedding Similarity for High Frequency Words”
  • Junshen K Chen, Dallas Card, and Dan Jurafsky: “Modular Domain Adaptation”
  • Kaitlyn Zhou, Kawin Ethayarajh, and Dan Jurafsky: “Richer Countries and Richer Representations”
  • Samuel R. Bowman (Ph.D. ’16): “The Dangers of Underclaiming: Reasons for Caution When Reporting How NLP Systems Fail”
  • Saku Sugawara, Nikita Nangia, Alex Warstadt, and Samuel R. Bowman: “What Makes Reading Comprehension Questions Difficult?”
  • Alicia Vail Parrish, Angelica Chen, Nikita Nangia, Vishakh Padmakumar, Jason Phang, Jana Thompson, Phu Mon Htut, and Samuel R. Bowman: “BBQ: A hand-built bias benchmark for question answering”
  • Aaron Mueller, Robert Frank, Tal Linzen, Luheng Wang, and Sebastian Schuster (Ph.D. ’20): “Coloring the Blank Slate: Pre-training Imparts a Hierarchical Inductive Bias to Sequence-to-sequence Models”