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Look Who's Talking: Stanford Linguists

Look Who's Talking: Stanford Linguists

Sep 10 2020

Next week from September 16 through 18, Stanford linguists and alumni will present their research at the Experiments in Linguistic Meaning (ELM) 2020 conference:

  • Brandon Waldon and Judith Degen: Priming scalar inferences
  • Leyla Kursat and Judith Degen: Probability and processing speed of scalar inferences is context-dependent (poster)
  • Matthew Hunt and Eric Acton (alum): ‘How’s the wife?’: Pragmatic reasoning and social indexicality in spousal reference (poster)
  • Anissa Zaitsu, Jad Wehbe, Valentine Hacquard and Jeffrey Lidz: Clause types and speech acts in speech to children (poster)
  • Lelia Glass (alum): Verbs describing routines facilitate object omission (poster)

If you'd like to hear these talks, you can register for ELM 2020 for free here.