Linguistics Student Summer Internships and Activities

Congratulations to all the graduate and undergraduate Linguistics students who will be completing an internship this summer!

  • Erika Petersen O’Farrill: Linguistics Engineer at Meta in Burlingame, CA
  • Nay San: Intern with the Siri team at Apple in Cambridge, MA
  • Elisa Kreiss: Intern with the PAIR (People + AI Research) team at Google in Mountain View, CA
  • Anissa Zaitsu: UX Writing and Content Design intern at Indeed
  • Kezia Lopez: Intern at Duolingo
  • Cass Kramer: Intern at The Hartford
  • Qi Han: Intern at Gridspace in Los Angeles
  • Fateemaq Faiq: Business Strategy Intern at Simone in Seoul, South Korea
  • Evan Peng (B.A. ’22): Reporting intern at Bloomberg News in New York, before returning to Stanford for a co-term in Communications (Journalism)