CSLI Workshop to Include Session Honoring Lauri Karttunen

The 8th CSLI Workshop on Logic, Rationality, and Intelligent Interaction will be held this weekend, May 21 to 22 in Room 300-300.  It will include a memorial session on Saturday morning held in honor of former adjunct faculty member Lauri Karttunen, during which Cleo Condoravdi will present a talk titled “Necessity Under ‘Only’”, and adjunct faculty member Annie Zaenen will give a talk titled “Implicatives: What Has Been Done and What Needs to Be Done”.

Current Ph.D. Student Atticus Geiger is also presenting during the student session on Sunday.  His talk is titled “Causal Abstraction and Computational Explanations in Artificial Intelligence.”  Abstracts for all the presentations at the workshop are available here.