QP Fest 2022: The 19th Annual QP Fest

Fri May 27th 2022, 1:00 - 3:45pm
Greenberg Room, Margaret Jacks Hall

The yearly QP Fest is an opportunity to hear about the work of department Ph.D. students.  We encourage all those who have recently completed their qualifying papers to present their work, and we are delighted that this year we can once again hold the QP Fest in-person; there will be no virtual option.

The QP Fest will be followed by an extra special social in the Linguistics Courtyard.

Session 1: Chair — Anissa Zaitsu

1pm-1:30pm: Jiayi Lu, An Adjunction Analysis of Clause Chaining in Turkish

1:30pm-2pm: Adolfo Hermosillo, Extremely Low Resource Neural Machine Translation: Spanish-Wixárika

2pm-230pm: Sarang Jeong, Modeling Parasitic OCP: Evidence from Russian

2:30pm-2:45pm  BREAK

Session 2: Chair — Nay San

2:45pm-3:15pm: Will Clapp, Talker-Specificity vs. Token-Specificity in Recognition Memory

3:15pm-3:45pm: Bran Papineau, “Sally the Congressperson”: Interlocutor Agency Modulates the Role of Subjective Social Beliefs in Linguistic Processes

3:45pm-on:  Social (in the Linguistics Courtyard)