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QP Fest 2018: The Fifteenth Annual QP Fest

QP Fest 2018 presentation
April 20, 2018 - 1:00pm
Margaret Jacks Hall, Greenberg Room (460-126)

Please join us to hear presentations of recently completed qualifying papers!

Session 1: Chair - Omer Korat

1-1:30pm Sebastian Schuster, Gapping Constructions in Universal Dependencies

1:30-2pm Sabrina Grimberg, Interpreting Spanish Bare Plurals: DOM, Modification, and Variation

2-2:15pm BREAK

Session 2: Chair - Sara Kessler

2:15-2:45pm Reuben Cohn-Gordon, Distributional Semantics with Bayesian Pragmatics for Metaphor Interpretation

2:45-3:15 Michael Hahn, An Information-theoretic Explanation of Adjective Ordering Preferences

3:15-3:30pm BREAK

Session 3: Chair - Emily Lake

3:30-4pm Chantal Gratton, Impact of Intonation on the Perception of Disagreement

4-4:30pm Robert Xu, Character Types Unpacked: Social Meaning in Time and Space

4:30pm SOCIAL