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Corpus TA job description


The appointment is for a 50% Corpus TAship for one quarter, with the workload spread over three quarters. (This represents a commitment of roughly 7 hours per week during the entire academic year, though the workload may vary from week to week and quarter to quarter.)

Pay: regular TA stipend for one quarter (typically Autumn Quarter) plus applicable tuition.

Responsibilities at end of Spring quarter:

  • meet with current Corpus TA and faculty supervisor to discuss the position, to discuss projects for the upcoming year, and to plan the transition between TAs

Responsibilities during AY 2008-09:

    • provide assistance as needed for courses using corpora (e.g., Lab Syntax I, Ling 395A)
    • take the lead in surveying students and instructors each quarter about what assistance and tutorials/demos would be useful
    • organized, develop and present these tutorials/demos
    • further awareness of locally available resources
    • develop, maintain, and update how-to-get-started materials for website and training events
    • serve as contact person and resource to students and faculty during the year; includes answering e-mail and some one-on-one consultation
    • maintain the department corpus collection and web site:
      • install and update corpora and related information
      • install and maintain software useful for corpus access
    • order new corpora, maintain license records for corpora, maintain records of borrowed corpus CDs and ensure their return
    • register new users of corpora and create accounts for them
  • OTHER:
    • follow through on specific projects related to the above identified in collaboration with the faculty supervisor


  • strong computational skills on Unix and PC platforms and previous experience with corpora
  • meticulous organizational skills
  • ability to work effectively one-on-one with students and faculty needing help
  • ability to work with the designated faculty supervisor and the Department manager
  • in residence for the entire academic year

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Last updated June 16, 2008