Syntax and Morphology Circle

September 8th, 2011

The Stanford Syntax and Morphology Circle (SMircle) is an open workshop in Syntax and Morphology; we discuss ongoing work by local researchers. Everyone is welcome.

When and Where

In Fall 2014, the group meets roughly every other Monday, at 3.15pm in the Greenberg Room at Margaret Jacks Hall (460-126) (but please note any exceptions below). Here is some information about how to get to Stanford.

Winter 2015 Schedule

2nd February, 3.15pm

Nick Kalivoda and Erik Zyman, UC Santa Cruz.

▽On the Derivation of Relative Clauses in Teotitlán del Valle Zapotec

Fall 2014 Schedule

1st December, 3.15pm

Asya Pereltsvaig, Stanford University.

17th November, 3.15pm

Bern Samko, UC Santa Cruz.

3rd November, 3.15pm

Sharese King, Stanford University.

20th October, 3.15pm

Karen Lahousse, KU Leuven.

▽New arguments in favor of a low analysis for verb-subject inversion in French: on the interplay between syntax and information structure

13th October, 3.15pm

Nico Baier, UC Berkeley.

▽Adjective Agreement in Noon: Evidence for a Split Theory of Noun-Modifier Concord

29th September, 3.15pm

Natalia Silveira and Tim Dozat, NLP Dependency Group, Stanford University.

▽A look at dependency syntax in NLP

Spring 2014 Schedule

19th May, 4pm

Clara Sherley-Appel, UC Santa Cruz.

▽The syntax of sublexical coordination

21st April, 4pm

Prerna Nadathur, Stanford University.

▽Weak Crossover and the Direct Association Hypothesis

7th April, 4pm

Beth Levin, Stanford University.

▽ The Encoding of Hitting Events across Languages

Winter 2014 Schedule

10th March, 4pm

Christine Sheil, UC Berkeley.

▽ Clitics and Licensing: an analysis of the Garifuna person markers

13th January, 4pm

Jessica Cleary-Kemp, UC Berkeley.

▽ The Structure of SVCs in Koro (Oceanic)

Fall 2013 Schedule

3rd December, 4pm

LSA Practice Talks:

Bonnie Krejci, Stanford.

▽What is Raining? English Weather “it” Revisited

James Collins, Stanford.

▽ Samoan VSO: New Evidence for Predicate Fronting

19th November, 4pm

Paul Kiparsky, Stanford.

▽ Ranking volume drives syntactic drift

5th November, 4pm

Maziar Toosarvandani, UCSC.

▽ Agreement in Zazaki and the nature of nominal concord (joint work with Coppe Van Urk, MIT)

8th October, 4pm

Mark Norris, UCSC.

▽ Nominal Concord in Estonian

Spring 2013 Schedule

9th April, 2pm

Boris Harizanov, UCSC and Vera Gribanova, Stanford Linguistics.

▽ Number mismatch in Bulgarian nominal coordinate structures

16th April, 2pm

Discussion of Richards’ Dependency formation and directionality of tree construction.

23rd April, 2pm

Discussion of Phillips’ Linear Order and Constituency.

7th May, 2pm

Peter Jenks, UC Berkeley Linguistics

▽ Quantifier Float and Scope in Thai

14th May, 2pm

Asya Pereltsvaig, Stanford Linguistics

▽ Differential Object Marking in Tatar and the Functional Architecture of the Noun Phrase

21st May, 2pm

Discussion of Baker and Vinokurova’s Two modalities of case assignment: case in Sakha

28th May, 2pm

Phil Crone, Stanford Linguistics

▽ Exploring First Conjunct Agreement in Arabic

Masoud Jasbi, Stanford Linguistics

▽ Do “Secondary Topics” Exist?

4th June, 2pm

James Collins, Stanford Linguistics

▽ The Morphosyntax of Ergativity in Samoan

Winter 2013 Schedule

26th February, 2pm

Discussion of Toosarvandani’s Gapping is VP ellipsis: A reply to Johnson.

Thursday, 14th March, 12:30pm

Please note the location: 460-127C (the chair’s office)

Arto Anttila, Stanford Linguistics and Jong-Bok Kim, Kyung Hee University.

▽ Case and cyclicity in Finnish

Autumn 2012 Schedule

4th October, 4pm

Organizational meeting. Please join us to share any ideas about what kinds of activities you’d like to engage in this year.

18th October, 4pm

Discussion of McFadden and Sundaresan (2011), available here.

▽ Nominative case is independent of finiteness and agreement

1st November, 4pm

Discussion of Harley (to appear) and Coon and Preminger (to appear), available here and here.

15th November, 4pm

Amy Rose Deal, UC Santa Cruz Linguistics

▽ A-scrambling and agreement in Nez Perce

29th November, 4pm

Discussion of Heidi Harley’s paper with Heidi!

Spring 2012 Schedule

3rd April, 4pm

Line Mikkelsen, UC Berkeley Linguistics

▽ On predication and word class in Karuk

17th April, 4:45pm

Amy Campbell, UC Berkeley Linguistics

▽ The Morphosyntax of Discontinuous Agreement

22nd May, 4:45pm

James Collins, Stanford Linguistics

▽ Accusative in an Ergative Language: The Samoan Case System

Winter 2012 Schedule

10th January, 5:30pm

Thomas McFadden, Tromsø Linguistics

▽ Nominative case: agreement or default?

24th January, 5:30pm

Peter Jenks, UC Berkeley Linguistics

▽ Head-movement, D-clitics, and bare nouns: The case of Moro

21st February, 5:30pm

Christine Sheil, UC Berkeley Linguistics

▽ Relative Determiners and Definite Inflection in Scottish Gaelic

6th March, 5:30pm

Amy Campbell, UC Berkeley Linguistics — CANCELLED

Autumn 2011 Schedule

12th October, 5pm

Boris Harizanov, UCSC Linguistics

▽ Clitic Doubling as Movement: An analysis of object clitics in Bulgarian

26th October, 5pm

Anie Thompson, UCSC Linguistics

▽ Argumental Reference to Adverbial Restrictors

2nd November, 3pm (note the unusual time!)

Natalia Silveira, Stanford Linguistics

▽ Understanding the difference between Brazilian Portuguese inflected and uninflected infinitives

9th November, 5pm

Adams Bodomo, The University of Hong Kong Linguistics

▽ On nominalizing the serial verb in Dagaare

30th November, 5pm

Matthew Tucker, UCSC Linguistics

▽ Acehnese Voice and Clausal Architectures


James Collins
Vera Gribanova

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