Linguistic Fieldwork

August 23rd, 2010

The Stanford Linguistics Department prides itself in supporting linguistics research based on empirical data collection.

Fieldwork studies by Stanford Linguistics faculty and students


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Projects by current students and faculty

John RickfordAfrican American EnglishEast Palo Alto, CASociolinguistic variation1980s-present
Sharese KingAfrican American EnglishBakersfield, CAPhonetic variation and identityLinguistics Dept. Fieldwork Grant2014
John RickfordBarbadian Creole, EnglishBarbados, West IndiesGrammatical features in creoles, sociolinguistic variation1990s
Kate LindseyChuvashEstoniaPhonetics, morphophonologyLinguistics Dept. Fieldwork Grant2014
Kate LindseyChuvashChuvashia, RussiaLanguage shift, prestige, attitudesFulbright U.S. Student Grant2012-2013
Eric Acton, Ellie Ash, Sam Bowman, Jeremy Calder, Annette D'Onofrio, Penny Eckert, Julia Fine, Roey Gafter, Kate Geenberg, Lelia Glass, Jason Grafmiller, Katherine Hilton, Seung-Kyung Kim, Ed King, Bonnie Krejci, Kyuwon Moon, Rob Podesva, Teresa Pratt, John Rickford, Ivan Sag, Tyler Schnoebelen, Jessica Spencer, Marisa Tice, Janneke Van Hofwegen, Robert XuEnglishCaliforniaVoices of California is a Stanford project documenting language and life across California2010-present
Teresa PrattEnglishOhioDialectology and language ideologyLinguistics Department Fieldwork Grant2013-2014
Kate GeenbergEnglishTrinity County, CAStylistic use of "country" features and "Indian English" features by rural, inland California speakersNSF2012
Annette D'OnofrioEnglishMinnesotaStylistic use of linguistic features from a second, learned language (Korean) in first language (English)2011
Penelope EckertEnglishSan Jose, CAEthnographic study of variation in preadolescenceSpencer Foundation1994-1996
Penelope EckertEnglishDetroit, MIEthnographic study of variation and the adolescent social orderNSF1980-1982
Paul KiparskyEstonianSoutheastern EstoniaSeto phonologyNational Research Council Twinning Grant1992-1999, 2001
Daniel GalbraithFaroeseFaroe IslandsMeter of folk balladsLinguistics Dept. Fieldwork Grant and Grant from Faroe Island University2014
Penelope EckertGasconAriege, FrancePhonological variation and changeNSF1970-present
Paul KiparskyGreek dialectsKozani, Northern GreeceHistorical and comparative syntax of Greek dialects2001
John RickfordGullah, African American EnglishSea Islands, off the coast of S. Carolina & GeorgiaGrammatical features in creoles, sociolinguistic variation1980s
John RickfordGuyanese CreoleCane Walk, Guyana, West IndiesGrammatical features in creoles, sociolinguistic variation1976-1978, 1980s
John RickfordHawaiian Creole, EnglishOahu, HawaiiGrammatical features in creoles, sociolinguistic variation1984
Roey GafterHebrewGreater Tel-Aviv Area, IsraelEthnic identity and sociolinguistic variationGRO and DDRO2012
James CollinsIlokanoSF Bay AreaThe semantics of wh- expressions, quantifier particles2013-2014
John RickfordJamaican CreoleKingston and St. Mary's, Jamaica, West IndiesGrammatical features in creoles, sociolinguistic variation1990s
Bonnie KrejciKazakhSF Bay AreaLexical categories, caseLinguistics graduate research funding2012-2013
Benjamin Lokshin, Sam BowmanKazakhSF Bay AreaIdiosyncratic transparency in Kazakh vowel harmony2012-2013
Janneke Van HofwegenKazakhSF Bay AreaNoun phrase structure2012-2013
Hanzhi ZhuKazakhSF Bay AreaCase, agreement and raisingUndergraduate major grant2012-2013
Dasha PopovaKhanty (Ostyak)Tegi, (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra), RussiaFocus particles and negationExpeditions with Moscow State Lomonosov University2011-2012
Joan BresnanKichaga (Bantu)Tanzania, East AfricaComparative Bantu morphosyntaxNSF1986-1987
Vera GribanovaKirghizSF Bay AreaNominalizations, relative clauses, case, agreement, embeddingHellman Junior Faculty Scholar Fund, Stanford2014-present
Julia FineKodiak AlutiiqKodiak, AlaskaComplex predicates, anaphora, bindingUndergraduate research funding2014
Benjamin LokshinKoreanNortheast ChinaSpeech levelsStanford undergraduate research grant, grant from the Stanford Center for East Asian Studies2013
Janneke Van HofwegenLithuanianSF Bay AreaDefiniteness marking and NP structureLinguistics graduate research funding2012
Bonnie KrejciMarathiSF Bay AreaCase, anaphora, experiencer subjects, wh- questionsLinguistics graduate research funding2013-present
Phil CroneModern Standard Arabic, Lebanese ArabicSF Bay AreaFirst conjunct agreement, clause structureLinguistics graduate research funding2013
James CollinsSamoanSamoa, Sydney and the SF Bay Areacase, clause structure, the semantics of indefinitesLinguistics graduate research funding and Australian Linguistics Society scholarship2010-present
Kyuwon MoonSeoul KoreanSeoul, KoreaStylstic variation of young women2011-2012
Robin MelnickTurkishSF Bay AreaSyntactic island constrains2011-2012
Vera GribanovaUzbekMoscow, Russia; Tashkent and Bukhara, Uzbekistan, SF Bay AreaPhonetic inventory, clause structure and morphology, ellipsis processes, copular clauses, cleftsHellman Junior Faculty Scholar Fund, Stanford2010-2012

Projects by alumni

Martina FallerCuzco QuechuaCusco, PeruEvidentialsTinker Field Research Grant; Graduate Research Opportunity Grant, Dissertation Grant, NSF1998-2001
Scott GrimmDagaareGhana, West AfricaNumber MarkingStanford Center of African Studies and NSF2008
Lauren Hall-LewEnglishSan Francisco, CAEthnicity and dialectology2007-2008
Rebecca Dayle GreeneEnglishEastern KentuckySociophonetics and ideologies of Appalachian EnglishStanford Graduate Research Opportunity Grant2007
Lauren Hall-Lew and Nola StephensEnglishRural Texas and OklahomaLanguage attitudes, linguistic identity, and the enregisterment of Country TalkStanford School of Humanities & Sciences2007
Lauren Hall-LewEnglishArizonaDialectologyThe Flinn Foundation, Stanford Dept of Linguistics2004
Mary RoseEnglishWisconsinSocial meaning of local sociophonetic variablesGraduate research award2003
Ida ToivonenInari SaamiLapland, FinlandGeneral language description, numeral system, sound quantity, agreement morphology1997-2001
Rebecca Dayle GreeneJapaneseHirosaki, Osaka and Tokyo, JapanChanging language attitudesStanford Japanese and Linguistics Departmental funding2004
Sarah Bunin BenorLadinoIsraelLexical othering (words used to refer to non-group members)Dorot Fellowship1997-1998
Rebecca StarrMandarin, EnglishWest Coast, North AmericaAcquisition of sociolinguistic knowledge in dual immersion programs2006-2007
Robert MunroMatsesEstiron and Angamos, The AmazonReported discourse and evidentialityStanford Graduate Fellowship2008-2009
Sarah Bunin BenorOrthodox Jewish EnglishPhiladelphiaLanguage socialization, adult style acquisitionFoundation for Jewish Culture2001-2002
Andrew Koontz-GarbodenTonganEast Palo Alto, CAAdjective and verb semantics2003-2004
Lauren Hall-LewTwi, FanteSouthern Ghana, AfricaPhonology and dialectologyStanford Graduate Fellowship2005
Elisabeth NorcliffeTzotzil (Mayan)Chiapas, MexicoAnaphoric relationsNSF and Stanford Linguistics departmental funding2004
Andrew Koontz-GarbodenUlwaKarawala, NicaraguaAdjective and verb semanticsFulbright-Hays Scholarship and Stanford graduate research funding2004-2006
Tatiana NikitinaWan (Mande, Niger-Congo)Cote-d'Ivoire, West AfricaWan syntax2003
Alex JakerWeledeh DogribNorth-West Territories, CanadaPhonetics, phonology and morphologyGoyatiko Language Center, NSF Arctic Social Sciences Program, Stanford GRO2005-2009
Mathew AdamsYucatec MayaQuintana Roo, MexicoVerbal voice through tone2007
Jason GrafmillerYucatec MayaQuintana Roo, MexicoGrammatical features of Maya2007
Judith TonhauserYucatec MayaQuintana Roo, MexicoInformation-structural properties of the agent focus verb formStanford Center for Latin American Studies2001-2003
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