PhD Alumni

November 5th, 2009


Marisa Casillas (Tice) —
Postdoctoral Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Dissertation: Learning to take turns on time: Perception and production processes involved in keeping inter-speaker gaps short

Marie-Catherine de Marneffe —
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.
Dissertation: What’s that supposed to mean? Modeling the pragmatic meaning of utterances

Jason Grafmiller —
Research Associate, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.
Dissertation: The semantics of syntactic choice: An analysis of English emotion verbs

Chigusa Kurumada —
Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Brain and Cognitive Science, University of Rochester
Dissertation: Navigating variability in the linguistic signal: Learning to interpret contrastive prosody

Sven Lauer
Postdoctoral Fellow, Zukunftskolleg, University of Konstanz, Germany
Dissertation: Towards a dynamic pragmatics


Uriel Cohen Priva —
Assistant Professor,  Department of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences, Brown University
Dissertation: Sign and signal: Deriving linguistic generalizations from information utility

Olga Dmitrieva —
Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley
Dissertation:  Geminate typology and the perception of consonant duration.

Scott Grimm
Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Translation and Language Sciences, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Dissertation:  Number and individuation

Alex Jaker ,
Postdoctoral fellow, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Dissertation: Prosodic reversal in Dogrib (Weledeh dialect)

Rob Munro —
CEO, Idibon
Dissertation: Modeling variation in low resource languages

Melanie Owens —
temporary semantics lecturer; Oxford University
Dissertation:  Serial verb constructions:  Argument structural uniformity and event structural diversity

Tyler Schnoebelen —
Senior Data Scientist, Idibon
Dissertation:  Emotions are relational: Positioning and the use of affective linguistic resources

Rebecca Starr —
Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Dissertation:  Acquisition of sociolinguistic knowledge in a modern-English dual-immersion classroom


Inbal Arnon
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
Dissertation: Starting big–The role of sequences in language learning and use

Rebecca Greene
Research Assistant, Professor John R. Rickford and Professor Joan Bresnan, Stanford University
Dissertation: Language, ideology and identity in rural Eastern Kentucky

Anubha Kothari —
Senior Product Manager – Search Science, eBay
Dissertation: Processing constraints and word order variation in Hindi relative clauses

Nola Stephens
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Covenant College
Dissertation: Given-before-new: The effects of discourse on argument structure in early child language

Hal Tily —
Senior Data Scientist, Nuance Communications
Dissertation: The role of processing complexity in word order variation and change

Yuan Zhao D’Antilio
Senior Test Development Manager, Pearson
Dissertation: Statistical inference in the learning of novel phonetic categories


Doug Ball
Temporary Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Truman State University
Dissertation: Clause structure and argument realization in Tongan

Elizabeth Coppock
Postdoctoral Researcher in Semantics, Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Dissertation: The logical and empirical foundations of Baker’s Paradox

Iván García Álvarez
Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, School of Languages, University of Salford, UK.
Dissertation: Generality and exception: A study in the semantics of exceptives

Lauren Hall-Lew
Lecturer in Sociolinguistics, Linguistics and English Language, School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences, University of Edinburgh
Dissertation: Ethnicity and phonetic variation in a San Francisco neighborhood

Elisabeth Norcliffe
Research Staff, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen
Dissertation: Head marking in usage and grammar: A study of variation and change in Yucatec Maya

Laura Staum Casasanto
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Stony Brook University
Dissertation: Experimental investigations of sociolinguistic knowledge


Philip Hofmeister
Lecturer in the Department of Language and Linguistics at the University of Essex
Dissertation: Representational complexity and memory retrieval in language comprehension

Dmitry Levinson
Dissertation: Licensing of negative polarity particles yet, anymore, either, and neither: Combining downward monotonicity and assertivity

Tatiana Nikitina
Researcher at the CNRS in Paris in the LLACAN laboratory (Langage, Langues et Cultures d’Afrique Noire)
Dissertation: The mixing of syntactic properties and language change

Neal Snider
Senior NLP Research Engineer, Nuance Communications
Dissertation: An exemplar model of syntactic priming


Bruno Estigarribia
Assistant Professor of Spanish, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, UNC Chapel Hill
Dissertation: Asking questions: Language variation and language acquisition

Itamar Francez
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Chicago.
Dissertation: Existential propositions

Andrew Koontz-Garboden
Senior Lecturer, Department of Linguistics and English Language, University of Manchester
Dissertation: States, changes of state, and the monotonicity hypothesis


Luc Vartan Baronian
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Boston University
Dissertation: North of phonology

John Travis Beavers
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin.
Dissertation: Argument/oblique alternations and the structure of lexical meaning

Lev Blumenfeld
Assistant Professor, School of Linguistics and Language Studies, Carleton University.
Dissertation: Constraints on phonological interactions

Kathryn Campbell-Kibler
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, The Ohio State University.
Dissertation: Listener perceptions of sociolinguistic variables: The case of (ING)

Ashwini Deo
Assistant Professor, Linguistics Department, Yale University.
Dissertation: Tense and aspect in Indo-Aryan: Variation and diachrony

Tim Florian Jaeger
Associate Professor, Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Computer Science, University of Rochester.
Dissertation: Redundancy and syntactic reduction in spontaneous speech

Arman Maghbouleh
President, Cariden Technologies, Inc.
Dissertation: Intonation recognition models based on convex optimizations

David Oshima
Associate Professor, Department of International Communication, Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University.
Dissertation: Perspectives in reported discourse

Rob Podesva
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Stanford University
Dissertation: Phonetic detail in sociolinguistic variation

Mary Rose —
Industry Research Analyst, SEIU, Columbus, Ohio
Dissertation: Language, place and identity in later life

Julie Sweetland —
Director of Teaching & Learning and Research, Center for Inspired Teaching, Washington, DC.
Dissertation: Teaching writing in the African American classroom: A sociolinguistic approach

Judith Tonhauser
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, Ohio State University.
Dissertation: The temporal semantics of noun phrases: Evidence from Guaraní


Veronica Gerassimova
Senior Search Quality Analyst, Yahoo
Dissertation: Unbounded dependency constructions in Western Austronesian

Roger Levy
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, UC San Diego.
Dissertation: Probabilistic models of word order and syntactic discontinuity

Jean-Philippe Marcotte
Assistant Professor, Linguistics Program, University of Minnesota.
Dissertation: Causative alternation errors in child language acquisition

Sarah J. Roberts —
Dissertation: The emergence of Hawai’i Creole English in the early 20th century: The sociohistorical context of creole genesis

Shiao-Wei Tham
Assistant Professor, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, Wellesley College.
Dissertation: Representing possessive predication: Semantic dimensions and pragmatic bases


Ash Asudeh
Hugh Price Fellow in Linguistics and University Lecturer in Linguistics, Oxford University
Dissertation: Resumption as resource management

Sarah Benor
Associate Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies at Hebrew Union College-JIR in Los Angeles.
Dissertation: Second style acquisition: The linguistic socialization of newly Orthodox Jews

Brady Clark
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Northwestern University.
Dissertation: A stochastic optimality theory approach to syntactic change

Cathryn Donohue
Visiting Research Fellow, Linguistics, College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University
Dissertation: Morphology matters: Case licensing in Basque

Hee-Sun Kim
Coordinator and Lecturer, Korean Language Program, Stanford University.
Dissertation: The use of multiple sources of information in Korean sentence processing

Jacquelyn Rahman
Assistant Professor and Director of Linguistics, Department of English, Miami University
Dissertation: It’s a serious business: The construction of middle-class white characters by African American narrative comedians


Devyani Sharma
Lecturer, School of Languages, Linguistics and Film, Queen Mary, University of London.
Dissertation: Structural and social constraints on non-native varieties of English

Andrew Wong
Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department, California State University East Bay.
Dissertation: Tongzhi, ideologies, and semantic change


Martina Theresia Faller
Lecturer in Linguistics, University of Manchester
Dissertation: Semantics and pragmatics of evidentials in Cuzco Quechua

John Stephen Fry
Lecturer, Boise State University and Freelance Translator (Japanese into English)
Dissertation: Ellipsis and wa-marking in Japanese conversation

Stefan Heinz Kaufmann
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, Northwestern University.
Dissertation: Aspects of the meaning and use of conditionals

Michael Thomas Wescoat —
Dissertation: On lexical sharing


Makin McDaid Abdulkhaliq —
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, CoStar Group.
Dissertation: English noun classes and generative lexical mechanisms

Emily Menon Bender
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Washington.
Dissertation: Syntactic variation and linguistic competence: The case of AAVE copula absence

Hanjung Lee —
Professor, Integrated English Linguistics and Literature Specialist (IELL) Education Program, Sungkyunkwan University
Dissertation: Optimization in argument expression and interpretation: A unified approach

David Alexander McKercher
Lecturer, Department of Linguistics, University of Victoria.
Dissertation: The polysemy of with in first language acquisition

Eunjin Oh —
Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature at Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea.
Dissertation: Non-native coarticulation: The case of consonant-vowel syllables

Susanne Zalta Riehemann
Research Linguist, Artificial Intelligence Center, SRI International.
Dissertation: A constructional approach to idioms and word formation

Ida Elisabet Toivonen
Assistant Professor, School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Carleton University.
Dissertation: The phrase-structure of non-projecting words

Qing Zhang
Assistant Professor, School of Anthropology, The University of Arizona.
Dissertation: Changing economy, changing markets: A sociolinguistic study of Chinese yuppies


Yukiko Morimoto
Dissertation: Discourse configurationality in Bantu morphosyntax


Julie Solomon —
Principal and Member, J. Solomon Consulting, LLC, Mountain View, CA
Dissertation: Phonological and syntactic variation in the Spanish of Valladolid, Yucatan

Brett L. Kessler
Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Washington University in St. Louis.
Dissertation: Estimating the probability of historical connections between languages


Arto Tapani Anttila
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, Stanford University.
Dissertation: Variation in Finnish phonology and morphology

Jennifer E. Arnold
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dissertation: Reference form and discourse patterns

Bradley Cahn Davidson —
General Manager at Ogilvy CommonHealth Behavioral Insights
Dissertation: Interpreting medical discourse: A study of cross-linguistic communication in the hospital clinic

Martha Swearingen Davis —
Dissertation: A syntactic, semantic and diachronic analysis of Palenquero BA

Vivienne Funn Fong —
Academic Director, Undergraduate Advising and Research, Stanford University
Dissertation: The order of things: What directional locatives denote

Robert P. Malouf
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics & Asian/Middle Eastern Languages, San Diego State University.
Dissertation: Mixed categories in the hierarchical lexicon

Rachel Nordlinger
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, University of Melbourne.
Dissertation: Constructive case: Dependent-marking nonconfigurationality in Australia

Scott A. Schwenter
Associate Professor, Hispanic Linguistics, Ohio State University
Dissertation: The pragmatics of conditional marking: Implicature, scalarity, and exclusivity

Chang Yong Sohn —
Seoul National University, Korea.
Dissertation: The metrical structure of Beowulf


Renee Allison Blake
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, New York University
Dissertation: All o’ we is one? Race, class, and language in a Barbados community

Hye-Won Choi —
Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea.
Dissertation: Optimizing structure in context: Scrambling and information structure

Anthony Ruiz Davis —
Dissertation: Lexical semantics and linking in the hierarchical lexicon

Yookyung Kim
Principal Linguist, Yahoo Inc.
Dissertation: A situation semantic account of existential sentences

Charles Chieh-li Lee
Dissertation: The human sentence processor: Memory structure and accessibility

Norma Mendoza-Denton
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Arizona.
Dissertation: Chicana/Mexicana identity and linguistic variation: An ethnographic and sociolinguistics study of gang affiliation in an urban high school

Hadar Shemtov —
Research Scientist, Palo Alto Research Center.
Dissertation: Ambiguity management in natural language generation


Elizabeth Owen Bratt
Senior Research Engineer, CSLI, Stanford University.
Dissertation: Argument composition and the lexicon: Lexical and periphrastic causatives in Korean

Rudolf Pell Gaudio —
Dissertation: Men who talk like women: Language, gender, and sexuality in Hausa Muslim society

Hinrich Schuetze
Chair of Theoretical Computational Linguistics, University of Stuttgart.
Dissertation: Ambiguity in language learning: Computional and cognitive models


Lynn Cherny
Dissertation: The mud register: Conversational modes of action in a text-based virtual reality

Jennifer Ann Cole —
Assistant (Assistant Professor), Universität Konstanz.
Dissertation: The prosodic domain hierarchy in reduplication

Richard Byrd Dasher
Executive Director, Center for Integrated Systems and Director, US-Japan Management Program, Stanford University.
Dissertation: Grammaticalization in the system of Japanese predicate honorifics

Daniel Dor
Department of Communication, Tel Aviv University
Dissertation: An epistemically-based analysis of lexical selection

Jong-Bok Kim
Professor, School of English, Kyung Hee University.
Dissertation: The grammar of negation: A lexicalist, constraint-based perspective

Christopher D. Manning
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics and Department of Computer Science, Stanford University.
Dissertation: Ergativity: Argument structure and grammatical relations

Christopher Jude Piñón
Research and teaching in linguistics, UFR Angellier (“Unité de formation et de recherche Angellier”), Université de Lille 3, Lille, France.
Dissertation: An ontology for event semantics

Whitney Tabor
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut.
Dissertation: Syntactic innovation: A connectionist model


Eunjoo Han
Seoul Women’s University, Korea.
Dissertation: Prosodic structure in compounds

Makoto Kanazawa
Associate Professor, National Institute of Informatics
Dissertation: Learnable classes of categorial grammars

Bonnie McElhinny
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto.
Dissertation: We all wear the blue: Language, gender and police work

Kurt Jonathan Queller
Lecturer, Department of English, University of Idaho.
Dissertation: Scheming and manipulating: How phonological structure emerges out of the child’s manipulation of output lexical form

Gillian C. Ramchand
Professor, Institute for Linguistics, University of Tromsø.
Dissertation: Aspect and argument structure in modern Scottish Gaelic

Trisha Ann Svaib —
Dissertation: “Twice upon a time”: A deaf child’s development of narrative structure

Linda Uyechi
Lecturer, Department of Music, Stanford University.
Dissertation: The geometry of visual phonology


Alexandre Alsina —
Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Translation and Language Sciences
Dissertation: Predicate composition: A theory of syntactic function alternations

Miriam Jessica Butt
Professor, Department of Linguistics, Universität Konstanz
Dissertation: The structure of complex predicates in Urdu

Masayo Iida —
Dissertation: Context and binding in Japanese

Tracy Holloway King
Principal Product Manager, Query Services, eBay
Dissertation: Configuring topic and focus in Russian

Michael Vincent Inman
Dissertation: Semantics and pragmatics of colloquial Sinhala involitive verbs

Smita Joshi —
Dissertation: Selection of grammatical and logical functions in Marathi

Yo Matsumoto
Dissertation: On the wordhood of complex predicates in Japanese

John Hamilton McWhorter, V
Lecturer at Columbia University, Linguistics Department, American Studies
Dissertation: Toward a new model of genesis: Competing processes in the birth of Saramaccan Creole

Shuichi Yatabe
Dissertation: Scrambling in Japanese phrase structure


Lubna Alsagoff —
Dissertation: Topic in Malay: The other subject

Jonathan Ginzburg
Present Professor, UFR d’Études anglophones
Université Paris–Diderot (Paris 7)
Dissertation: Questions, queries and facts: A semantics and pragmatics for interrogatives

Aaron Halpern
Dissertation: Topics in the placement and morphology of clitics

Andras Kornai
Dissertation: Formal phonology

Paul R. Kroeger
Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics
Dissertation: Phrase structure and grammatical relations in Tagalog

John C. Paolillo
Dissertation: Functional articulation in diglossia: A case study of grammatical and social correspondences in Sinhala

Henry Edward Smith
Dissertation: Restrictiveness in case theory

Fu Tan
Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages. San Jose State University.
Dissertation: Notion of subject in Chinese

Stephen Mark Wechsler
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Texas, Austin.
Dissertation: Argument structure and linking


Abdullahi Bature
Professor, Department of Nigerian Languages, Bayero State University.
Dissertation: Thematic arguments and semantic roles in Hausa

Young-Mee Yu Cho
Associate Professor, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, Rutgers University.
Dissertation: Parameters of consonantal assimilation

Kristin Hanson —
Associate Professor, Department of English, University of California, Berkeley
Dissertation: Resolution in modern meters

Ki-Sun Hong
Associate Professor, Department of English, Seoul National University, Korea.
Dissertation: Argument selection and case marking in Korean

John Stonham
Dissertation: Current issues in morphological theory


Christopher Douglas Culy
Dissertation: The syntax and semantics of internally headed relative clauses

Mary Dalrymple —
Professor of Syntax and Fellow of Linacre College, Oxford University
Dissertation: Syntactic constraints on anaphoric binding

Keith Denning

Keith died on November 16, 1998. He was Associate Professor in the Department of English Language/Literature at East Michigan University.
Dissertation: The diachronic development of phonological voice quality, with special reference to Dinka and other Nilotic languages

Tara Warrier Mohanan
Associate Professor, Department of English Languages/Literature, National University of Singapore.
Dissertation: Arguments in Hindi

Catherine Truax
Dissertation: Transparency, analogy, and phonological change: Vowel quantity and nominal number


Sharon Inkelas
Professor and Chair, Department of Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley.
Dissertation: Prosodic constituency in the lexicon

Jonni Miikka Kanerva —
Dissertation: Focus and phrasing in Chichewa phonology

Marilyn Martin-Jones
Dissertation: Models and methods in the study of bilingualism among linguistic minorities (Vol. I, Vol. II)

Deborah Salgo
ESL Tutoring.
Dissertation: Cohesion in children’s fictional stories: Transitivity and a goal-directed causal analysis

Dovie Ruth Wylie —
Discourse analyst, owner of consulting and training firm working in SF Bay Area industries since 1979
Dissertation: The structure of monologue discourse in English


Mohamad Z. Abd-Rabbo

Professor, English Department, Bir-Zeit University.
Dissertation: Some morphological constraints in classical Arabic

Michael Barlow
Dissertation: A situated theory of agreement

Daniel Paul Flickinger
Dissertation: Lexical rules in the hierarchical lexicon

Mark Edward Johnson
Professor, Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Science, Brown University.
Dissertation: Attribute-value logic and the theory of grammar

Suzanne E. Kemmer
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, Rice University.
Dissertation: The middle voice: A typological and diachronic study

Elizabeth Anne Krainer
Self-employed Therapist.
Dissertation: Challenges in a psychotherapy group: Reflections of direct and indirect discourse strategies

Melissa Monroe
Writer, TESOL, composition consultant in Berlin.
Dissertation: The expressive function of nominal structure in Marianne Moore and Wallace Stevens

Draga Zec
Professor, Department of Linguistics, Cornell.
Dissertation: Sonority constraints on prosodic structure


Kathie Lou Carpenter
Associate Professor, University of Oregon.
Dissertation: How children learn to classify nouns in Thai

William Albert Croft
Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of New Mexico
Dissertation: Categories and relations in syntax: The clause-level organization of information (Vols I and II)

Judith Golden Hochberg
Dissertation: The acquisition of word stress rules in Spanish

Mariko Saiki
Associate Professor, Kanazawa University.
Dissertation: Grammatical functions in the syntax of Japanese nominals

Nancy Wiegand
Dissertation: Causal connectives in the early history of English: A study of diachronic syntax


Megumi Kameyama
Megumi died on January 23, 1999. She was Senior Research Scientist at SRI International in Menlo Park, California.
Dissertation: Zero anaphora: The case of Japanese


Catherine Houghton
Dissertation: Structure in language and music: A linguistic approach

Akira Ishikawa
Professor, Sophia University, Japan.
Dissertation: Complex predicates and lexical operations in Japanese

Carl Jesse Pollard
Professor, Department of Linguistics, Ohio State University
Dissertation: Generalized phrase structure grammars, head grammars, and natural language


Paul Robert Kozelka
Foreign Service Officer, US Information Service at the American Embassy in Paris.
Dissertation: The development of national languages: A case study of language planning in Togo

Marlys Arlene Macken
Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Dissertation: Phonological universals and variation: On pattern and diversity in acquisition


Barbara Frant Hecht —
John Tracy Clinic, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.
Dissertation: Situations and language: Children’s use of plural allomorphs in familiar and unfamiliar settings

Mariza do Nascimento Silva Pimenta-Bueno —
Dissertation: Aspects of verbal syntax in Brazilian Portuguese within the framework of the extended standard theory of grammar


Annette Herskovits
Annette Herskovits, PhD, became a writer and peace activist after a career as a linguist and college professor.
Dissertation: Space and the prepositions in English: Regularities and irregularities in a complex domain

Rebecca W. Labrum
Dissertation: Conditions of double negation in the history of English with comparison to similar developments in German

Susan C. Shepherd —
Dissertation: Modals in Antiguan Creole, child language acquisition, and history


David Dowell Cusic
Dissertation: Verbal plurality and aspect

David Anderoff Evans
Dissertation: Situations and speech acts: Toward a formal semantics of discourse

Carolyn Echols Johnson —
Associate Professor, University of British Columbia.
Dissertation: Children’s questions and the discovery of interrogative syntax

Al-Amin M. Mazrui
Professor, Department of Black Studies, Ohio State University.
Dissertation: Acceptability in a planned standard: The case of Swahili in Kenya

Randa Cecilia Mulford
Dissertation: Talking without seeing: Some problems of semantic development in blind children

Claude Manley Reichard —
Senior Lecturer, Writing & Critical Thinking, Department of English, Stanford University
Dissertation: Meter and rhythm in English verse: Towards a musical synthesis

Chui Lim Tsang
Dissertation: A semantic study of modal auxiliary verbs in Chinese

Sharon Read Veach
Technical writer, Sun Microsystems.
Dissertation: Children’s telephone conversations

Steven Eric Weisler
Dissertation: Relativization and existence


Iraset Paez-Urdaneta
Dissertation: The use of ‘tu’ and usted’: Patterns of address in the middle class of Caracas


Margaret Deuchar
Senior Lecturer, University of Wales, Bangor.
Dissertation: Diglossia in British sign language

Delia Farach Hufton
Dissertation: Parametros del Lunfardo


Linda Kay Brown
Dissertation: Word formation in Pocomchi

Mary Louise Edwards
Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Syracuse University.
Dissertation: Patterns and processes in fricative acquisition: Longutidinal evidence from six English-learning children

Joy Louise Robinson
Dissertation: Verbal deference in Catalan: A sociolinguistic investigation of the pronouns of address

Kenneth Lyell Stallcup
Dissertation: A comparative perspective on the phonology and noun classification of three Cameroon grassfields Bantu languages: Moghamo, Ngie, and Oshie

James William Tollefson
Professor of English, University of Washington
Dissertation: Diglossia and language policy, with special reference to Slovenia


Elaine Slosberg Andersen

Professor, University of Southern California.
Dissertation: Learning to speak with style: A study of the sociolinguistic skills of children

Irene Barrie Vogel
Professor, Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science, University of Delaware
Dissertation: The syllable in phonological theory; With special reference to Italian

Ann Charlotte Woodard
Dissertation: A sociolinguistic analysis of the relationship of language dominance, lexical meaning and grammatical structure in the reading and aural comprehension of bidialectals


James Joseph Duran
Dissertation: The role of Swahili in a multilingual rural community in Kenya

Lily Wong Fillmore
Professor Emerita, Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley.
Dissertation: The second time around: Cognitive and social strategies in second language acquisition

James Paul Gee —
Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies, Department of English, Arizona State University
Dissertation: Perception, intentionality, and naked infinitives: A study in linguistics and philosophy

Patricia Causey Nichols
Professor Emerita, Department of Linguistics and Language Development, San José State University
Dissertation: Linguistic change in Gullah: Sex, age, and mobility


Charles E. DeBose
Dissertation: Papiamentu: A Spanish-based creole

Linda Gail Hemphill
Dissertation: A conceptual approach to automated language understanding and belief structures: With a complete disambiguation of the word ‘for’

Vera Milada Henzl
Dissertation: Cultivation and maintenance of literary Czech by American speakers

Ann Thayer Holmquist
Dissertation: A semantic approach to narrative fiction

Stephen Rudy Luckau
Dissertation: A tonal analysis of Grebo and Jabo

Mary Louise Pratt
Silver Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures, NYU.
Dissertation: Toward a speech act theory of literary discourse

Sylvia Weber Russell
Dissertation: Computer understanding of conceptually complex phrases


Veda R. Charrow
Dissertation: Deaf English – An investigation of the written English competence of deaf adolescents

Teresa Ching-Sha Chen
Dissertation: A statistical study of Mandarin phonology

Olga Kaunoff Garnica
Dissertation: Some prosodic characteristics of speech to young children

Philip Alan Stephen Sedlak
Dissertation: Sociocultural determinants of language maintenance and language shift in a rural coastal Kenyan community

Caroline Mary Stoel
Dissertation: The acquisition of liquids in Spanish


Naomi Susan Baron
Professor of Linguistics, American University.
Dissertation: The evolution of English periphrastic causatives: Contributions to a general theory of linguistic variation and change

Anthony Fred Beltramo
Dissertation: Lexical and morphological aspects of linguistics acculturation by Mexican Americans in San Jose, California

Afia Dil
Dissertation: The Hindu and Muslim dialects of Bengali

Lilith Margaret Haynes
Dissertation: Language in Barbados and Guyana: Attitudes, behaviours and comparisons

Gayle Holley Partmann
Dissertation: Le dioula vehiculaire en Cote d’Ivoire: Etude comparative des jeunes locuteurs primaire et secondaires du dioula

Merritt Ruhlen
Independent Researcher.
Dissertation: Rumanian phonology

Margaret Mian Yan Sung
Dissertation: A study of literary and colloquial Amoy Chinese

Thelma Evans Weeks
Dissertation: The slow speech development of a bright child


Gretchen Brunk
Dissertation: Syntactic glosses in Latin manuscripts of Anglo-Saxon origin


Rebecca Nogieru Agheyisi
Dissertation: West African Pidgin English: Simplification & Simplicity

Janine Konauka Reklaitis
Dissertation: Theory of analogical change: Application to Lithuanian


Alan Edward Bell
Dissertation: A state-process approach to syllabicity and syllable structure

Yole Correa-Zoli
Dissertation: Lexical and morphological aspects of American Italian in San Francisco

David Dixon Gardner
Dissertation: A frequency dictionary of classical Latin words, Volumes I, II

David Ingram
Dissertation: The role of person deixis in underlying semantics

Olasope Oyediji Oyelaran
Dissertation: Yoruba phonology


Michael Wilmont Grady
Dissertation: Syntax and semantics of the English verb phrase

Karen Louise Halladay Kavavik
Dissertation: Noun suffixes in modern Spanish: A synchronic study of formal and statistical properties


Hector Norberto Urrutibeheity
Dissertation: The lexical structure of Spanish, with special consideration for the functional, physical and statistical properties


Edward Roy Gammon
Dissertation: The statistical determination of linguistic units

William Taylor Patterson
Dissertation: The lexical structure of Spanish, with special consideration for the genealogical and chronological properites

Elisabeth Angela Popov
Dissertation: The semantic structure of the Russian diminutives

Theodore Stephan Rodgers
Dissertation: Measuring vocabulary difficulty: An analysis of item variables in learning Russian-English and Japanese-English vocabulary pairs

Kimie Mushiaki Swindell
Dissertation: A dictionary of Japanese syllables


Lars Holm Gantzel
Dissertation: The meaning of terminal pitch pattern

Hiroshi Miyaji
Dissertation: A frequency dictionary of Japanese words, Volume I, Volume II


Richard Lawrence Venezky
Dissertation: A study of English spelling-to-sound correspondences on historical principles

Irene Wakeham
Dissertation: Deviations from standard English in the writing of Filipino college freshmen

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