Graduate Students

October 27th, 2009

Sam Bowman — PhD student,

computational linguistics, vector space semantics, formal phonology, vowel harmony, optimality theory

Jeremy Calder — PhD student,

queer linguistics, drag, performativity, gender, style, rhythm, prosody, suprasegmentals, metrics

Juan Ignacio Cases Martin — PhD student,

James Collins — PhD student,

syntax, semantics, syntax-semantics interface, typology, Polynesian languages, Philippine languages

Philip Crone — PhD student,

semantics, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, syntax, Arabic

Alex Djalali — PhD student,

Tim Dozat — PhD student,

lexicalist syntax, phonology, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics

Annette D’Onofrio — PhD student,

sociolinguistics, stylistic practice, speech perception, psycholinguistics, phonetics,  language variation and change, sound symbolism, race ethnicity & language

Isla Flores-Bayer — PhD student,

Daniel Galbraith — PhD student,

morphology, theories of case, formal syntax, computational linguistics, Faroese and variation in Nordic language

Lelia Glass — PhD student,

semantics, adjective meaning, pragmatics, philosophy of language, sociolinguistics

Aleksander Glowka — PhD student,

prosodic variation, speech rhythm, lexical processing, probabilistic models of production & comprehension, neurolinguistics

Katherine Hilton — PhD student,

sociolinguistics, discourse structure, discourse phonetics, stylistic variation, suprasegmental variation

Masoud Jasbi — PhD student,

language acquisition, formal semantics and pragmatics, specificity, causative alternation, Persian

Sunwoo Jeong — PhD student,

phonetics, metrics, semantics-prosody interface, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, language typology

Sara Kessler — PhD student,

syntax, semantics, morphosyntax, experimental methods, language acquisition, Hebrew

Andrea Kortenhoven — PhD student,

sociolinguistics, African American English,  language and construction of race, gender, community identities, stylistic variation, prosody

Seung Kyung Kim — PhD student,

spoken word recognition, speech perception, phonetics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics

Ed King — PhD student,

phonetics, psycholinguistics, spoken word recognition

Sharese King — PhD student,

perception, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, phonetics, AAVE syntax

Bonnie Krejci — PhD student,

morphosyntax, lexical semantics, syntactic variation, typology

Matt Lamm — PhD student,

Kate Lindsey — PhD student,

fieldwork, language description/documentation, phonology, Turkic languages, semantics, sociolinguistics

Robin Melnick — PhD student,

syntactic variation, psycholinguistics, processing, corpus and experimental research, NLP

Kyuwon Moon — PhD student,

sociolinguistics, prosodic variation, speech perception, gender and language

Prerna Nadathur — PhD student,

semantics, pragmatics, reasoning, information structure, syntactic processing

Dasha Popova — PhD student,

semantics, pragmatics, prosody, style, Finno-Ugric languages

Teresa Pratt — PhD student,

sociophonetics, speech perception, language ideology, stylistic variation, language gender and sexuality

Ciyang Qing — PhD student,

semantics, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, corpus studies, Chinese

Tania Rojas-Esponda — PhD student,

formal semantics and pragmatics, discourse structure, discourse particles, question semantics, formal phonology, logical methods

Natalia Silveira — PhD student,

syntax of Brazilian Portuguese, computational semantics, semantic parsing, textual inference

Simon Todd — PhD student,

language variation, change and evolution, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, speech perception, phonology, ambiguity

Janneke Van Hofwegen — PhD student,

sociolinguistics, language variation and change, sociophonetics, stylistic variation, phonetics, ethnic and regional variation

Rob Voigt — PhD student,

computational linguistics, social meaning, gesture and movement, sociophonetics, pragmatics, Chinese and Japanese

Zachary Wilkins — PhD student,

semantics, pragmatics, language acquisition, computational linguistics, Spanish, Guarani

Robert Xu — PhD student,

sociophonetics, speech perception, speech prosody, psycholinguistics, bilingualism



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