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December 2nd, 2009

General questions about language and linguistics

Consult the Linguist List’s Ask-a-Linguist service. The Linguistic Society of America web site also provides answers to frequently asked questions about language and linguistics.

Becoming a Visiting Scholar or Visiting Student

See the Visiting Scholars and Students page.

Declaring a major or minor in linguistics

Contact the Student Services Officer (Ann Marie Pettigrew ).

Graduate admissions

See our Graduate Amissions Information page.
For other queries about admissions contact the Student Services Officer (Ann Marie Pettigrew )

Other queries about the graduate program

Contact the Graduate Studies Advisor (Professor Beth Levin, ), the Student Services Officer (Ann Marie Pettigrew ), or a faculty member working in the field of interest.
Also see our Admissions FAQ.

Read the Information for Prospective Visiting Scholars and Graduate Students. Note that application materials must reach the Department by January 15th prior to September 1st of the academic year to be spent at Stanford.

Linguistics department chair

Tom Wasow ( )

English for foreign students

Associate Director: Philip L. Hubbard ( )

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