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Cubberley Auditorium

Cubberley Auditorium
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The 24th Annual Conference on Human Sentence Processing

Join us for CUNY 2011!

Special Session:

The Role of Processing in Language Variation and Change

Psycholinguists have learned a great deal about the mental processes underlying language use by studying what leads speakers to say something one way rather than another, and how such choices affect their audience. That is, language variation has played an important role in research on sentence processing. Language variation is also central to research in sociolinguistics and historical linguistics, where the focus is on somewhat different causes and effects of the variation. Despite this overlap in interests, research in psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics has proceeded without much cross-fertilization. This year's special session at the CUNY Sentence Processing Conference aims to foster a dialogue between students of human sentence processing, on the one hand, and sociolinguists and historical linguists, on the other. Submissions are particularly encouraged from investigators who seek to integrate the social and cognitive factors that shape language production and comprehension.

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