October 27th, 2009

The list of courses below is accurate as of July 23, 2014.

Please note that information is subject to change before the start of each quarter so be sure to check the Stanford Bulletin at the beginning of each quarter for updates.

2014-15 Linguistics Courses

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LINGUIST 1: Introduction to Linguistics

LINGUIST 10N: Experimental Phonetics

LINGUIST 47N: Languages, Dialects, Speakers

LINGUIST 52N: Spoken Sexuality: Language and the Social Construction of Sexuality (FEMGEN 52N)

LINGUIST 65: African American Vernacular English (AFRICAAM 21)

LINGUIST 83Q: Translation

LINGUIST 90: Teaching Spoken English

LINGUIST 105: Phonetics (LINGUIST 205A)

LINGUIST 110: Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology

LINGUIST 120: Introduction to Syntax

LINGUIST 121: Crosslinguistic Syntax

LINGUIST 130A: Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics (LINGUIST 230A)

LINGUIST 130B: Introduction to Lexical Semantics

LINGUIST 140: Language Acquisition I (LINGUIST 240)

LINGUIST 141: Language and Gesture

LINGUIST 144: Minds and Machines (PHIL 190, PSYCH 35, SYMSYS 100)

LINGUIST 150: Language in Society

LINGUIST 157: Sociophonetics (LINGUIST 257)

LINGUIST 15X: Language and Social Interaction (LINGUIST 25X)

LINGUIST 159: American Dialects

LINGUIST 160: Introduction to Language Change

LINGUIST 167: Languages of the World

LINGUIST 180: From Languages to Information (CS 124, LINGUIST 280)

LINGUIST 183: Programming and Algorithms for Natural Language Processing (LINGUIST 283)

LINGUIST 188: Natural Language Understanding (CS 224U, LINGUIST 288)

LINGUIST 191: Linguistics and the Teaching of English as a Second/Foreign Language (LINGUIST 291)

LINGUIST 195A: Undergraduate Research Workshop

LINGUIST 196: Introduction to Research for Undergraduates

LINGUIST 197A: Undergraduate Research Seminar

LINGUIST 198: Honors Research

LINGUIST 199: Independent Study

LINGUIST 200: Foundations of Linguistic Theory

LINGUIST 2XX: Perception Seminar

LINGUIST 210A: Phonology

LINGUIST 210B: Advanced Phonology

LINGUIST 222A: Foundations of Syntactic Theory I

LINGUIST 222B: Foundations of Syntactic Theory II

LINGUIST 225: Seminar in Syntax: Binding Theory

LINGUIST 230B: Semantics and Pragmatics I

LINGUIST 230C: Semantics and Pragmatics II

LINGUIST 232A: Lexical Semantics

LINGUIST 236: Seminar in Semantics: Reasoning with Quantifiers (PSYCH 236C)

LINGUIST 239: Semantics and Pragmatics Research Seminar

LINGUIST 241: Language Acquisition II

LINGUIST 246: Foundations of Psycholinguistics

LINGUIST 250: Sociolinguistic Theory and Analysis

LINGUIST 255A: Seminar in Sociolinguistics: California Dialectology

LINGUIST 255C: Seminar in Sociolinguistics: Sociogrammar

LINGUIST 255D: Seminar in Sociolinguistics: Character Types in Sociolinguistics

LINGUIST 260B: Historical Morphosyntax

LINGUIST 265: African American Vernacular English

LINGUIST 275: Probability for Linguists

LINGUIST 284: Natural Language Processing (CS 224N)

LINGUIST 286: Information Retrieval and Web Search (CS 276)

LINGUIST 294: Linguistic Research Discussion Group

LINGUIST 390: M.A. Project

LINGUIST 394: TA Training Workshop

LINGUIST 395: Research Workshop

LINGUIST 396: Research Projects in Linguistics

LINGUIST 397: Directed Reading

LINGUIST 398: Directed Research

LINGUIST 399: Dissertation Research

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